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Wednesday, 17-10-2018


Bischoff & Bischoff's unique quality commitment is to manufacture tailored long living products and to offer an excellent customer service


B+B products are known for their outstanding quality. All products are made with the entire care for quality, starting by selecting materials, meticulous handling and best manufacturing standards.


That is how wheelchairs, scooters, walking aids and aids for the daily living are made, which are distinguished by functional design, best equipment with optional choices  and an outstanding longevity.


The power chair Neo is a convincing example of innovative technology made in Germany. Neo with its own Can Bus development offers mobility in a new dimension.






The adaptive wheelchairs of the B+B Revolution series are another example of innovative technology made to support an active and self determined lifestyle. The Revolution models are variably adjustable in the concept of  "one size fits all" through adjustment of seat width, seat depth, seat height and backrest height to adapt the wheelchair to the individual body measures of the user.


Development of molding forms for variable footplates and side parts prove flexibility and variability of B+B products.


 B+B introduced the power push and braking aid Togo, the world's first power push to use Lithium-Ion-batteries. The new development of the lifestyle scooters Orthos and Nox with efficiently powerful motors and new levels in design are standards set by B+B in the industry.






B+B operates according to a Quality Management System certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 and therefore is continuously improving.


Goal of that process is to optimize all operating processes due to strict quality control. Bischoff & Bischoff signed up for more than 30 entries at the German and the European patent office.