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Wednesday, 18-07-2018


Thomas Bischoff
(Bischoff & Bischoff GmbH)

Focus on: German Development and Construction - International Sales

B+B as a family owned mid-sized company has many national and international relationships with customers, industrial designers and certainly with the employees of the company. These relationships are the key and the basic asset to combine an innovative dynamic culture on one hand with the traditional culture of a family-owned company on the other hand. The team of experts at B+B is working closely with qualified dealers and leading designers in order to be close at the requirements of the market and the needs of patients. 


B+B has trustful long term partnerships to  many European Trade- and Distribution partners for example in Austria, the Benelux-countries and Switzerland. Many of the 9000 qualified dealers in Europe are customers of B+B. Quality is a main aspect of the service B+B offers to qualified dealers which contains specific product information and education to enable dealers to deliver real qualified service to their customers.


B+B endeavors to strengthen the position of qualified dealers thru trustful long term relationships to stabilize its position in competition sustainably. 


Keys for a successful use of the B+B product range are the comprehensive know-how and the engagement of the highly qualified employees, who are always actively involved at the pulse of contemporary health-care-system.


This includes the divers product range of the B+B daughter companies due to different conditions at the national markets in France, Spain and Czechia, combined with a consequent concept of education to build and maintain qualifications. Comprehensive education is the reason for the constant grow of know-how at B+B since 1997 and it is an asset to spread this to the partners nationally as internationally.