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Tuesday, 16-10-2018



1997: Founding of Bischoff & Bischoff Medizin- und Rehabilitationstechnik GmbH

2000: Taking over of Technomedac GmbH

2000: Founding of Production in Melnik, Czechia

2001: Founding of the French daughter company, B+B France S.A.R.L in Paris

2003: New headquarters in Karlsbad

2006: Outsourcing of the Logistics department to Simon Hegele GmbH (according to the B+B Europe Concept)

2007: 10th Anniversary, celebrated with a sales-offensive in cooperation with qualified dealers in Germany

2008: B+B opens a representative office in Asia 

2009: Building of the department NEW MARKETS at the location Berlin, product group Boutique as a complementary product group to the core product range

2009: Founding of the Spanish daughter company; B&B Iberia, S.L. in Barcelona


2002: Cooperation with Prof. Luigi Colani, development of the active wheelchair B1 Colani, made of Carbon

2003: Development of the innovative CAN Bus Control electronics for power chair NEO: 

           modular building system, easy handling and open for individual adjustment 

2004: Development of the B+B combination armrest, the first adjustable armrest globally (desk, long and height position of the armrest are adjustable)

2005: Development of the adaptive wheelchair REVOLUTION, first adaptive wheelchair with variable cross brace ( concept: one-size-fits-all)

2009: Launching the power push and breaking aid TOGO, first power pushing aid with Lithium-Ion-Batteries