Wednesday, 17-10-2018

Revolution R1

Revolutionary concept

The uniqueness of the Revolution, the new adaptive wheelchair from B+B, is based on its individually adjustment features to body sizes of the users. Whether in seat height, seat width, seat depth or back height – the Revolution adapts itself or grows. Well thought out design, practice proven and stray in all positions Due to the diagonal cross brace the seat width of the Revolu- tion can be adjusted in 8 steps from 32 up to 46 cm. Position markings on the diagonal cross brace as well as on the cross brace support facilitate the adaptation. The seat depth adjustment is made by means of a perforated bar and a telescopic bar in the seat, which allows seat depths of 36 cm to 46cm. In no time the Revolution can be folded to a small and compact package and can thus be stored and transported in a space saving way. During the design phase of the Revolution ergonomics and functionality have been the focus. That becomes obvious at many details. The pressure brake developed by B+B convinces for example by a compact design, which also allows an easy entering and exit from the wheelchair any time in a comfortable way. As a standard many extras are supplied, which makes the Revolution an active adaptive wheelchair and a versatile and well thought out companion.

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Technical data



Max. capacity

125 kg

Total Weight
without rear wheels

10,38 kg

with rear wheels

13,46 kg

Total height

82 cm*

Tital width

Seat width
  + 17 cm

Total length

93 cm*



* factory setting